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Off to Vienna today

I forgot to mention a bit about the Euro Cup ... is it Euro Cup or Europe Cup? Anyway, it is crazy. When we were in Bari getting ready to leave for Croatia, Italy was playing Spain and it was a heated match. It is funny to watch groups of people crammed inside of bars or anywhere they can find a TV. I believe Italy won that game *you can hear the cheering from quite a distance. When we got to Orebic in Croatia, we were walking down a small street when this party bus drove by playing music, a few guys dancing on top. Later on that night the bus had quite the following of cars behind it after the soccer match, all honking their horns, flying flags our the window etc. We thought, wow Croatia must have won.... nope. It was tie, lol but I guess for Croatia that is a good thing. Last night there was a lot of noise out in the street as well but I guess they lost. It was funny that first night in Orebic. We tried to eat at this small cafe. No one was around *they were all crowed around a tv at the bar, and the guy actually told us to go somewhere else lol...soccer is serious stuff.

We are saying good bye to Croatia today and off to Vienna today. Sonja is celebrating her birthday tomorrow so we are hoping to hang out with a few of her friends. We found out also last night too, thanks to Mom opening the PDF at work, that Sonja got into Grad School in Regina! So we had a pretty good night, and I think Sonja is a bit tired from the no sleep. Also, she may have gotten my plague. oops.


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Sick in Split!

Sonja and I should have brought a personal doctor with us!

I woke up with a pretty bad cold yesterday. Oh and I should mention that we woke up at 4 am to catch a ferry on our way to Split... only to find out that it was the wrong one, even though we asked 4 or 5 people. Apparently it went to the industrial side instead of the city side. So we missed the big ferry to Split. We had to wait around for oh I don't know, four or five hours. Poor Sonja having to deal with my crankiness. I was not having the greatest day...rubbing my nose raw. What about DayQuil you say? No such thing over here... It's actually really funny. No supermarkets or stores even carry Advil. Everything is sold at the Pharmacy, which if you are lucky and it is open, you have to go in and mimic how you are sick... you can imagine the jokes Sonja and I came up with. I got across that I had a cold and the woman tossed me a box with a picture of a head and a few arrows pointing to the right places so I thought, sure, why not. Didnt work. Once we got to Split, which was another 3 hour ferry ride, we decided to just take a cab to our place instead of walking around in the heat. To give you an idea of how hot it is here, at 7 am in the morning it is about 25 degrees and as I type this, I can feel a bead of sweat run down my back.... oh Dad, you would love it.

Anyways, we got a cab, except he ripped us off, dropping us not even close to our place... awesome. I was trying to keep it together. It's the only time we've really gotten ripped off here but who knows, maybe the guy really did think it was around that area. But we're smart ladies, so we got a map, sat down for a second and figured it out. Actually, I will give the credit to Sonja right now, I was just staring at the map trying not to puke. Sorry grandma, I meant, "toss my cookies" better?

We found our place and it was all good after a shower. Although my cold got worse, so Sonja came to my aid and asked the woman for something. She gave me something that seems to help and after a good sleep, I feel a lot better, although I still have a nasty cough. We are going to stay here for a couple of more days and hopefully book a boat tour for tomorrow to a blue lagoon. No rest for the wicked.


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Heading to Orebic

a little island

DSCN1244.jpgHey everyone

I just wanted to let you know that I uploaded a few photos! We are heading to Orebic from Dubrovnik today.


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Luck is on our side


Angela has been doing a great job of updating the blog so far (and I've been rather lazy about it), so now that we are sufficiently relaxed and bronzed I thought I should give it a go. It's amazing what a change of pace Croatia is from the hustle and bustle, awkward staring, and piles of trash in the street Dubrovnik is. Although we've only been here for slightly more than 24 hours, our first impressions of the city are great: friendly and helpful people, fondness of tourists, clean and sunny.

We have been so lucky on this trip - no major problems, despite a deliberate lack of planning ahead. We had to leave our hotel room in Bari at 10am on Sunday (... or was it Saturday? - one of my favourite parts of this trip so far is having no idea what day it is and not really caring). We discovered that the ferry to Dubrovnik didn't leave until 10pm! What to do with our bags for 12 hours?? We hardly wanted to carry them all the way to the beach, so Angela had the idea to head to the ferry terminal in the hopes of finding a locker. She was right! So we checked our bags at the terminal and went in search of ferry tickets. Contrary to logic, the tickets are sold quite a far ways away from the actual terminal. After much hand signalling and miming (and our clever discovery of the word "Billeteria" ("Ticket Booth"), we found out that we had to take the free shuttle to another building at the opposite end of the port. So we finally made our way there and... the ticket booth didn't open until 6pm. We felt a bit annoyed that none of the 10 people we had asked about it happened to mention that, but there we were. So we made our way back to the original port and attempted to locate the beach.

Since we are such smart girls, we figured out where the beach was. (I'm exaggerating a bit here because obviously it could have been only right or left from the port, but we were going on very little sleep and feeling increasingly harassed by the blatant staring and cat calling that seems to be part of the Italian culture for men).

I have never seen such a crowded and trashy strip of beach in my life. I think all of Bari came out to catch some rays that day. Angela had a little nap (and got a bit pink), and my sun blisters got even worse. Who knew that someone who has never had to wear sunscreen would turn out to be allergic to the sun, but I'm starting to believe that's the case. Either that or the bed bugs only want me, and leave Angela completely alone. But it was our first dip in the Mediterranean and we savoured the coolness of the water.

4pm rolled around and we had to work our way back to the port - only about a 30 minute walk from the beach. At this point we realized that swimming in the filthy, salty water may have been a mistake as there was nowhere to change or have a shower and we still had about 5 hours to wait until the ferry disembarked. How to fix this problem??? A couple of cold ones on the terrace of the ferry terminal, watching the setting sun over the Mediterranean and we forgot all about our sweaty, sticky skin. I'm not bragging here, but Angela and I were pretty popular in Italy and at some point we met someone who worked at the ferry terminal. Although we were not interested in getting to no this stranger, he chatted with us for quite a while and we decided he was okay to talk to (while still keeping a firm grip on our handbags and luggage - TRUST NO ONE). He offered to get us an upgrade for the ride over to Dubrovnik from airplane seats to a private cabin. We were overjoyed at this prospect because as I mentioned, we were tired, hot and sticky, and no had had a couple of beers and ready for a good night's sleep.

After a lot of wheeling and dealing in Italian, he gave us a name on the ship and a hand written note. All very hush hush. Finally, at long last it was time to get on the boat. But, no big surprise here, the hookup didn't turn out and we were stuck with awkward airplane seats for th 10 hour voyage across the Adriatic to Dubrovnik. Fortunately, we were able to doze slightly on the trip, after they turned off the soccer game that was blaring from the speakers when we first got on. You might know, but the Italians take soccer very seriously and watching them watch a game is a show unto itself.

We woke in the morning as we were pulling into the beautiful port of Dubrovnik. As has become our style on this trip, we hadn't booked a place to stay so at 7am after clearing customs in the port, we headed to the closest cafe with Wifi and booked the first hotel that came up on the list. We decided to walk since we had no plans and stiff legs after the long voyage. Ironically, even though we've picked up a few souvenirs along the way, our packs feel markedly ligher than when we first hoisted them onto our backs at YVR. Maybe all that pizza in Italy gave us extra strength :)

We finally found the hotel on the opposite side of the port with the help of a little girl who was nice enough to show us the way. We lucked out again: this hotel is a series of apartments, all with private bathroom, kitchenette, veranda overlooking the bay, and even a swimming pool. After the best showers of our lives, a glass of wine, and a cheese platter with pickles, olives, and fresh veggies, we were in heavan.

Dubrovnik - we love you. Rest of Croatia - we dare you to be even more beautiful.

~With love, Sonja.

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I cant remember my last entry but we are in Bari right now taking the ferry over to Croatia tomorrow. So glad to get out of downtown Naples. What a dump! No words can describe how gross it was. Although we r still glad we saw what the city was like. We went to Pompei yesterday and did a walking tour to see the ruins and the volcano. That was a nice place in Naples. Bari night life is fantastic. Drinks and palm trees!

Looking forward to the beach life... Althought cant complain. It is hot everywhere with no rain in sight

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