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From Roma to Napoli

One smelly city!

Rome was fun, except the part when I blew up Sonja's hair dryer... I thought I was using a voltage converter but not so much. We stayed in a nice hostel right near the Vatican. George was a great host, showing us how to lock all the doors and how to use the lift, which was sketchy and we only used for fun after a couple of drinks on our last night.

We powered through the day, hitting the Vatican and Sistine Chapel first since it was so close to home. I was under dressed, forgetting it was a holy place. I was wearing a sleeveless top and shorts, so I had to buy a scarf to cover my arms before going into the chapel, which was beautiful. And Shawn, it doesn't really smell like anything, sweaty people maybe. We headed over to St. Peter's square afterwards and lucked out and saw the Pope.

Then off to the Coliseum! It was hot and we were loving it. Except the line to get in sucked (about an hour). We've done so much walking, I have no idea how my legs are doing it but they are. Then we came back, had dinner and Angela drank a bit too much wine and decided to call mom ... sorry mom.

It was off to Napoli this morning... took the train (about 2.5 hours) not too bad. The city is crazy! We are in the middle of chaos, the driving here is nuts. Paris was pretty busy and the driving in Rome was slightly better but people will run you down here if you are not paying attention. It's also very dirty and there is a lot of staring, but the shopping is great. I think Sonja is getting geared up for the beach... we tried walking towards the water but all we saw were a whole lot of hobos.

Missing everyone! Xo


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When in Rome!

We made it



I feel like I should be writing something in Italian right now but nothing is coming. It could be that I am running on only a few hours of sleep, it could be the beer, the full stomach or the heat, whatever it is, it doesnt matter because we are now in Rome and LOVING it!

Paris was hard to find wifi so this has been or first opportunity to update on the trip. Here is a short breakdown of what happend up until this point.

Day 1
Sonja and I stood in line at the bagage drop off at YVR for an hour and a half. Shawn stayed with us :) At the check out counter they had us down as men. Nice. The plane ride was long (around 10 hours or so). Screaming child and everything... the mom was actually hitting and shaking her kid, becuase you know, that helps to quiet a child down. Our connecting flight to Paris was delayed and thats when we really started to feel tired. Then on to a hot bus, and then on to the smelly Metro, which was having problems as well. Sonja and I stepped out of the Metro with our backpacks on and she had a map open, I told her, now try not to look like tourist! We had a big laugh, but now that I am typing it out, it doesnst seem that funny.We found our hostel (next to the Chicken Corner resturant), it sounds bad, but it was actually really nice and in the heart of everything. We got dressed and went to a cafe down the street where we ordered beer and pizza...Richard our waiter gave us his phone number and asked us to call him when he got off at 5 am... we told him we would be in a coma by then.

Ive had a really hard time sleeping every night, so Ive been waking Sonja up at 1 am every morning, because I feel like we should bond on this trip... she doesnst feel the same... lol. We had a huge day in Paris yesterday... we walked around forever, went to the Louvre (Clint it is awesome!) then we went to Pere Lachaise (where Jim Morrison is burried)... it was kind of dead though, and Jim wasnst really up for partying. Then off to the Eiffle Tower. We did not go up though, instead we went and had some wine and a cheese platter. It was really nice. The tower was much much bigger than I expected.

Then we grabbed a couple of beers and headed back. Sonja read to me and then we fell alseep... that is until I gave her the 1 am wake up.. no sleep, up at 5:30 to get to the bus station, only to find out that our bus to the airport left an hour ago (the guy at the hostel said it left every 15 minutes) props to our taxi driver who sped us safely there with 10 minutes to spare. We ran to the terminal and got on the plane. An hour and 40 minutes into Rome, its hot and beautiful (Paris was cloudy and cold) ... we showered and went to get something to eat... it was fantastic and now I am sitting here typing this out.

I apologize for the lack of witt and interesting detail, I honestly have no idea how my eyes are even focusing right now.

More to come!


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The itch

I SO long for the days when my conversations turn from “let’s touch base next week” and “did Hendrix poop this morning?” to “I can’t believe we drank that entire bottle” and “do I look burnt to you?”

The excitement is ridiculous.

As the months have turned into weeks, I’ve envisioned the entire trip in my mind. The smelly guy I ended up sitting next to on the plane to Paris because they couldn’t seat us together, Sonja’s complaints of a meat-laced meal, the euphoric feeling of our first night sipping wine on a patio. The beaches, the art, the shopping, the heat, and the tears (or sighs of relief) as Sonja and I part in Frankfurt.


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They don't shave in France right?

Keats 11 259

Keats 11 259

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Waiting is the Worst/Best

Angela and I started planning this trip while it was still pretty cold outside, so it's been at least a few months in the making. In the beginning, it was mostly just late night, wine-infused talk of where we would go, and what we would do. Dreaming turned to reality the day we booked our flights, and clicked the "decline" box when asked about cancellation insurance. Come hell or high water, we're going to Europe.

Now that we are just two weeks away, my patience is wearing thin. The anticipation at times is almost unbearable. But I have to admit, it's really exciting too. Daydreams are turning into vivid night dreams of the sights we'll see, the food we will eat, and the feeling of the warm Mediterranean sun rapidly defrosting my pale, Canadian skin.

But the beauty of travelling for me has always been much more than giant mounds of gelato or golden brown tans. It's about those moments of self-discovery that seem to be much easier to identify away from home. This month, I've noticed that life is so much richer when you have something to look forward to. It doesn't have to be a dream vacation on the Italian coast (although, I'll admit it's easy to fall in love with that idea).

For me, then, Lesson One of this trip is never letting go of the anticipation of good things to come. Because there's always something great just around the corner - you just have to enjoy your own patience.

~ S.

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